Something old, something borrowed and something new....

For those who are browsing our site and thinking "Gee all this sounds neat, but how do I know it's any good?", below are links to articles previously published in our mag.

In addition, there are pieces exclusive to this site, and articles yours truly has written for others. More will be added as time goes on, so check back for updates.

From The ESR Vaults...

We've received a lot of lovely notes about this one, "Us, Indpendent Pop Culture and the Whole Damn Thing", and we hope you enjoy this rant. Bear in mind this was originally published in 2003, and much has changed in the underground scene since.

A lengthy review of one of my all-time favourite cult films, Blue Sunshine.

Here is a link to read about the films of Peter Mettler.

A review of Robert Kramer's haunting documentary, Starting Place.

As part of our Ray Dennis Steckler And You series, here is a lengthy piece on The Lemon Grove Kids films.

Pieces for Hire

The late Joe Meadows' monthly e-zine Horror-Wood was a lovely place for those who preferred such vintage horror as The Wasp Woman or House of Dracula over more contemporary fare. In early 2003, I contributed an article on the films of Grade Z-filmmaker Coleman Francis (which was an expansion on my article originally published for ESR), and in 2004, contributed a two-part installment on the cut-and-paste horror films of the notorious Al Adamson, which you can read here and here.

For the now-defunct zine The Program, which discussed media and technology, I contributed an article on collecting VHS tapes.

More to come. Stay tuned....