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ABOUT US: The Eclectic Screening Room existed as a print zine from 2001 to 2012, which published 25 issues and three monographs. As per its namesake, it offered reviews and articles of films that existed beyond what was currently offered at the multiplex. Between the covers of every issue, there was an emphasis on cult movies, independent, underground, experimental films, and other interesting, overlooked and unusual pieces of cinema culture from yesteryear. Some issues were devoted entirely to one theme: film noir, educational films, horror or American Renaissance. After taking a hiatus in 2012, it is still our intent to resume the print run in the future. But for now, baby steps. And part of those steps involve the boosting of our web presence.

How to use this site: Each capsule review features credits (where applicable) for director, writer, producer, and principal cast. If a review mentions another title on this site, there will be a hyperlink to it. Some films have a link on their own titles at the very beginning, which will lead to separate pages of illustrations. For example, if you visit the review for Dance Hall Racket, you'll see at the beginning of the review, that the film's title has a link which leads to a page of VHS and DVD art work for that movie.

If you scroll below this introduction, you'll find links to indexes of reviews, plus several pages in which the reviews are grouped as "festivals". This "secret lair" is kept old school in good old HTML and CSS - what was good for us in 2006 is good for us now. The sub-portal you currently view is inspired by Fred Adelman's Critical Condition (which retains a "zine" kind of format in its HTML design), and by L.A. Morse's pair of reference books Video Trash & Treasures, which grouped all of its reviews into so-called "festivals" (films that share a similar theme or sub genre). In this "old school edition" of ESR, I'm toying with the notion of reviews following one another on a page, rather than the dominant "blog" format of each review isolated on its own page, in order to replicate a zine format with a website, and for the viewer to see a chronology of similar films.

This is an ongoing work in progress, and will frequently be updated with reviews and other fun pages, so do check back often. Whether you're new to the ESR universe, or a fan from the original print run, welcome! We hope you enjoy taking the trip with us.

All my very best,
Greg Woods
Dec. 2020



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Canadian classics
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Lo-Fi Sci-Fi
50s-60s Science Fiction Movies
Matinee Idyll
"Second Feature" B films
Midnight Movies
...and other unclassifiable cult weirdness.
Post-Apoc Follies
Road Warrior Ripoffs, Radioactive Mutants and beyond!
Raincoat Cinema
60s Sexploitation from Something Weird and beyond...
Regional Horrors
...and other low-budget chillers
Rural Follies
Moonshiners, County Mounties, CB Radios, Truckers... 10-4!
70s Drive-In
Steamy Windshields, Teenage Turmoil and more!
Soul Cinema
70s Blaxploitation and beyond.
Filmmakers On The Fringe
Your guide to micro-budget films by
Doris Wishman, Ray Dennis Steckler, Don Dohler, many others.


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Rural Follies
Moonshiners, County Mounties, CB Radios, Truckers... 10-4!

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Books And Magazines published by Don Dohler


Eat My Dust! (1976)
Jackson County Jail (1976)
Gator Bait (1974)
The Great Texas Dynamite Chase (1976)
Jack's Wife (1972)
Munchies (1987)
Red (1970)
Crime Zone (1988)
Dune Warriors (1990)
The Terror Within (1989)
The Hard Part Begins (1973)
Skip Tracer (1977)
The Glory Stompers (1967)
So Sad About Gloria (1973)
The Single Girls (1974)
Starhops (1978)

THANKS! For your hard work, support and inspiration: Bill Shute, Brian Random, Colleen Marlin, Dave Lamb, David Faris, Dion Conflict, Eric Bourgignon, Jan Kristoffer Dale, Jason Pankoke, Jason Tannis, John Porter, Jonathan Culp, Katie Durant, Keith Shockley, Knut Andre Dale, Laura Mendes, Matthew Van Allen, Rob Craig, Robert Altman, Simon St. Laurent, skot deeming, Stacey Case, Will Sloan, and as always, to Susan. You are the light.